Gents Watch : Breitling Montbrilliant 01 Watch

Breitling continues to uphold their standing as one of the most desirable brand names in the world of watchmaking, with the Breitling Montbrilliant 01 replica watches constituting the third timepiece from the luxury Swiss manufacturer to be featured on our Watch of the Week blog. Breitling watches consistently evoke strong sensations of heritage and tradition, and the Montbrilliant 01 represents a quintessential blend of 1940s and 50s flair with an exemplary blend of functionality.

The Montbrilliant 01 epitomizes a precision tool that has fulfilled a range of tests from the Swiss Official Testing Institute to proudly earn its status as a certified chronometer. These trials focus upon the observation of each individual movement within the timepiece for a consistent period of more than two weeks, and the process is undertaken at three different temperatures to ensure peak performance. Certified chronometers must excel in 7 distinct areas, and display a daily rate of variation not in excess of -4/+6 seconds; a feat that the Montbrilliant 01 has easily ascended to.

The Montbrilliant 01 is instantly recognisable due to the iconic circular slide bezel that was initially seen upon the Breitling Navitimer. Designed for pilots, this instrument will accurately carry out various navigational computations relating to the multiplication and division of time, distance, fuel consumption and speed, and it will do so with remarkable aptitude. Closer levels of scrutiny will reveal an outer scale that further deals with calculations related to miles, feet, gallons and other quantities that fluctuate over time.

Of particular note is the unique screwed in caseback of the Montbrilliant 01, a masterpiece of embossing that perfectly captures the essence of the celebrated Montbrilliant building, the location of Breitling's own workshops during the years between 1892 and 1979. Within these premises, Breitling strove to implement innovations and enhancements that would prove instrumental in driving the capabilities of wrist chronograph movements ever further onwards. It was also in this period that Breitling cemented its long standing reputation as the official supplier to world aviation, a preeminent ranking that the brand has proudly maintained to this day.

This latest evolution of the Montbrilliant has seamlessly associated itself with another principal development in Breitling's record of horological innovations, as within the case of the Montbrilliant 01 lies the firm's signature in-house Calibre 01 movement. Made within the company workshops at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Calibre 01 is an automatic chronograph mechanism that has refined the boundaries of performance, whilst still being characterised by the very highest standards of reliability. This movement boasts an outstanding 70 hour power reserve, and comes equipped with an equally exceptional five year warranty.

The crisp steel dial of the Montbrilliant 01 is augmented by numerous hour markers and hollowed counters, and is rendered particularly striking by the stylish crimson central ring that serves to encapsulate the hands. It also accommodates the timeless Breitling second counter that is flawlessly accurate to within hundredths of a second, as well as the finely crafted 18 carat gold that operated as the firm's brand symbol until as late as the middle 20th century. Possessing a relatively modest diameter of 40mm, the clarity of the Montbrilliant nonetheless makes the dial appear far larger than it is, whilst the fitting retains the standards of comfort that are expected from a smaller timepiece. 69.35 gram dial is also available in a selection of alternative guises, and a further assortment of leather and rubber strap styles and colours means that the Montbrilliant 01 will always prove able to meet any individual taste preference.