Breitling Chrono Matic 49 Excellence

In 1969, Breitling created the first selfwinding chronograph movement, an invention that would lead to the development of a whole range of chronographs named Breitling Chrono Matic 49 replica watches. Today's 49 mm-diameter Chrono-Matic is a tribute to this forerunner of extremely large watches. The straight hands, the design of the totalizers and the steel mesh bracelet are all nods to the style of the era. The rotating bezel driving the slide rule is built from black rubber-molded steel.

Have lift type metal protection after the bottom cover officer watches Chrono matic 49, Breitling is converted from pocket watch to watch one of the many works with traditional watch. Now launched Breitling Chrono matic 49 officer table, continuation of the classic breitling chrono matic 49, deduce a solitary excellence.

Chrono matic 49 wrist watch has a lot of very different and other general features: a round at the end of the straight table ears, with a lock screw fixed strap and other characteristics, which have deep JunBiao characteristics; Special turban BiaoGuan (and a common style; JunBiao antique watchcase round pot shape is war officer exclusive special style; the most important, of course, Chrono matic 49 officer table table back besides sapphire crystal glass bottom cover, with can lift type metal after the bottom cover, it is inherited from past JunBiao used to protect the surface of the special design.

Breitling officer table Chrono matic 49 as extreme brilliant masterpiece, because of its production process is often challenging metal back cover, watchcase polishing alone cost craftsman several days of time carefully polished and set-up in order to complete.

"Watch" was first invented, the main is popular among women, only on each big main mentality "watch" is regarded as a kind of women's accessories, do not look good watches of the can appeal, becomes the mainstream of popular with men. Later the havoc of the first world war to mankind, but also unwittingly become the popularization of the watch. When the officer in command of his subordinates the charge at the front, you need to be able to the accuracy of the cheap rolex to synchronize the school for convenient browsing, accurate for military action. For them, dressed in a uniform and heavy coat, watch has a pocket watch has incomparable advantage. This class is made up of pocket watch to watch are known as "officers", because with the high price of a meter at the time or only belongs to the upper classes and the officer's right, so watch until just before world war ii to real popularity.

Breitling since 1857 began using the Chrono matic 49 cross factory emblem, more very well to communicate both heroic officers and devout Catholic origin; Retain the table "officer" qualities of Chrono matic 49, also on righteousness are demonstrated in name brand founder hero's origins and achievements.