The Latest Breitling Professional Watches

Breitling is expanding its palette of pilot's watches with a new timepiece named Breitling Professional replica watches. It stems from the Breitling Professional collection and is in fact a new of the model which was previously known as chronograph. The new pilot's instrument by Breitling features a bit larger titanium housing, a beveled crystal and a redesigned appearance of its analog-digital face which is available in three darker colors. Its numerous features, including 1/100th of a second chronograph, are operated with a single crown and they are enabled with the use of a thermo-compensated quartz movement. The Breitling's newcomer can be paired with attachments in three different materials and this choice determines the price of the watch. Its most affordable versions with plain leather straps and rubber bands go for around $3,300, whereas the most expensive basic version includes a titanium bracelet and retails at $4,225. There is one even more valuable version of Breitling Professional which includes a co-pilot's module integrated into the metal bracelet.

New Breitling Professional is the latest of the model which was originally launched in 1985 (at the start, it was the part of the Navitimer series), which tells a lot about the success of the product. Though there are undoubtedly some differences among all of the subsequent s, including slight tweaking of functions tied with the different movements that have been utilized in the models (it started off with a modified ETA 988 caliber and later used similar B65 and B75 modules), the watch has remained pretty much the same in its basic traits. Mostly, this refers to the use of titanium cases with solid backs (additionally, there were also some two-tone or gold cases over time), the recognizable analog-digital face and its punctuated aviation origin. Unfortunately, the longevity of the timepiece likewise implies that the watch is not that exclusive or with groundbreaking features. Be that as it may, it still represents the tested successful formula of how to create a good and proven multifunctional pilot's timekeeper.

This latest pilot's instrument from the Breitling Professional series replaces its predecessor called Chronograph, but retains practically the same set of features. The only differences are slight changes in the design of the dial; the newcomer has just 1 mm wider face, a bit differently-styled hands and numerals and the presence of a beveled crystal. As it was the case with the previous model which was sold between 2007 and 2013, new Breitling Professional timepiece runs on C.O.S.C. chronometer-certified thermo-quartz caliber B79 movement. The caliber is not only ten times more accurate than a common quartz module (its punctuality is within ten seconds a year), but also more resistant to temperature shifts, as its name clearly suggests.

Speaking of the extensive features that are especially suitable for aviators, the watch includes 1/100th of a second chronograph (with the maximal measurement to 48 hours), a countdown timer, an alarm, a perpetual day and date calendar, an additional 12.24 hour LCD digital display, a backlight system which is compatible with night vision goggles, an end-of-life indicator, as well as an audible time signal. Moreover, each of the functions is triggered by a single crown which is twisted, pushed down or pulled up in order to activate the appropriate feature. Its power source is type 380 battery which lasts for about three to four years, depending on the use.

As it has been said, the latest model has only 1 mm wider housing than its predecessor. The diameter of the case is 43 mm, its height is 10.8 mm, whereas its weight (sans the bracelet) measures to 46.7 grams (around 1.65 oz). In the true aeronautical spirit, the housing is made from titanium, the material of choice of aviators, and it is entirely treated with a satin-finish. Breitling Professional includes a unidirectional rotating engraved bezel with integrated rider tabs and a solid screwed case-back with conversion scales for metric and Anglo-Saxon measurements. Its non screw-locked crown is made with two gaskets, as well as with an integrated push piece, whereas the mentioned beveled bezel is constructed from sapphire with double glare-proof treatment (as opposed to the original model from 1985 which had a mineral crystal).

Beneath the sapphire glass there is a dial with Arabic numerals which are visibly larger at the four main positions. Its dial is available in Volcano black, Mariner blue and Tungsten gray colors. As for the attachments, there are more options regarding the material (rubber, leather and titanium), the type of the wristlet (there are plain and croco leather straps, while rubber options include Ocean Racer strap with round perforations and Diver Pro III with the raised inscription of the company's name), as well as the type of the clasp (tang or deployment for leather and rubber attachments). The choice of the wristlet and its locking system determines the final price - the most affordable are leather and rubber versions with tang buckles which retail at around $3,300, while the most expensive ones are naturally with titanium bracelets which cost $4,225. There is an additional version with a co-pilots module on the bracelet which is even pricier. Since Breitling has the policy of not revealing the cost of its watches, but instead referring to the appropriate retailer in its global network of official sellers, one should contact or visit the local Breitling boutique in order to find out the exact price of the desired version.