Breitling for Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon

Sharing same passion for fine mechanisms, the same combination of prestige and performance, the same heritage of excellence, and the same thrust towards the future, symbolized by a winged B signature, Breitling Bentley Mulliner replica watch is known for its collaboration that gives rise to exceptional chronographs. Appealing to connoisseurs and all those with a love of rare and exclusive watches, Breitling for Bentley line of timepieces like the Ice Speed Record chronograph, the supersports light body watch, and the limited edition GMT V8, truly unites the best of two worlds; the British chic and Swiss tradition, and the elegance and expertise. For the devotees of complicated watches, the duo has now created an ultra-rare limited edition timepiece dubbed as the Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon.

From the first moment I unwrapped this watch I was impressed by its design. The elegant and traditional Tourbillon mechanism merges beautifully with the modern sports dial. Furthermore, the three small see-through dials manage to elegantly show how complex and sophisticated the inner mechanism really is. In fact, the Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon is Breitling's only watch with tourbillion complication. You also cannot help but notice the flawless designed dial, enhanced by the mother-of-pearl hour-markers and by the winged B signature logo- two of the most distinctive Breitling's marks of excellence.

For the likes of its owners, each of the Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon chronograph also gets customized according to their wishes, as they are free to choose the case material from choice of yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or white gold, and the 15 dial shades taken from the range of Bentley bodywork options, or the crocodile leather strap shade. Also, the ultra-precious wooden ring on the caseback is offered in a choice of six veneers.

The 49 mm case of this Breitling model is made from solid stainless steel. It is a considerably large and heavy watch due to the selection of materials used and also due to its automatic inside mechanism. Still once wrapped around your wrist it doesn't feel heavy anymore. Wearing it feels unbelievably confortable. The watch also comes with a screw-locked crown, quite easy to use and features the Breitling logo on the end part.

This Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon has a black leather strap and a deployment closing system. The elegance of the strap is completed by the white stitches on the outside of the band and by the flawlessly etched Breitling logo on the clasp.

Breitling and Bentley are well known for their collaboration that gave rise to exceptional timepieces. The engine of this success represents a combination of key elements: the same passion for fine machinery, the same heritage of excellence, the same thirst for prestige and performance and the same vision directed towards the future, symbolized by a winged B signature.